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Buying a new handbag is always great fun , but it's even better when you 're buying exclusive bag doing its part to make the world a better place . Through September 30, you can only make such purchases online only benefit Christie Auction Gucci Chime for Change, a charity that supports missions Gucci valid education, health and justice systems for women and girls around the world . These bags are buying at least one of which you should be totally guilt free .
The auction includes three bags , below, all of which were gucci outlet held in Gucci Artisan Corner , allowing customers to observe first-hand the processes artisan handiwork that goes into creating accessories luxury brand . All the bags in materials and colorways are also exclusive to the Christie's auction , which gives a unique opportunity to own a piece of one of the greatest handbag brands in the world. The three Gucci bags are staple favorites , finished in luxurious neutral that can live in your wardrobe forever. If you 've got a gap in your wardrobe that needs filling, act quickly , these exclusive bags will be gone by September 30.
If you do not like fringe, not a time to panic quite yet . Generally , Gucci runways show a small fraction of hyper focused bags are coming from brand to capture any particular season , and this season , the emphasis above happened includes quite a bit of fringe . Fringe run. Creative Director Frida Giannini has a tendency to add a signature touch Bohemian sexy , luxurious look of the brand , and that seems to be the avenue she's decided to take these bags .
The collection itself has many notes Sportif , louis vuitton outlet but those do not come from the bags , which have a lot more 70s vibe to match caftans collection of exquisite silk . In the context of the world Gucci , bags makes sense , but I suspect long fringe that can be difficult to wear . Will you spring for one runway bags , or you will wait for a version without fringe so much ( which is almost certainly the next ) .
There are a few elements of handbag history as recognizable and inventive as the famous curved handles Gucci bamboo handbags , and similar innovations in every sector of astrophysics for making candy , necessity was the mother of this particular invention . In the first of a series of three-part collaboration with Gucci , we will investigate the history of the company handle design signature and some famous hands have held it since its inception .
In 1947 , when the iconic Gucci bamboo handles first appeared, World War II was still in the stages and countries around the world have been rationing its final resources . This was especially true in Europe , where artisans at Gucci were pressured louis vuitton store to find materials that were not subject to restriction for use in their designs . Bamboo cane can still be imported from Japan , and craftsmanship Gucci has developed a patented method to heat and bend the bamboo so that it keeps its shape once cooled and fitted with handbag .
The bamboo handles were so interesting and distinctive bags became an instant hit , sticking around well past the end of the war to be carried out by some of the biggest celebrities and tastemakers of the 1950s and 60s . Under current Gucci creative director Frida Giannini , the iconic bamboo handles were revived a whole new way .
When I set my eyes on the Lady Lock Bags Gucci yesterday , I immediately thought of our recent discussion on carrying designer bags to office . Although some of these bags ( especially those with bamboo handles ) are slightly recognizable , the overall look - subtle , refined , totally elegant - strikes me as one that could find itself at home even in a work environment conservative , in particular exotic skins . Think of it as the KINDLER , gentler alternative Christian Louboutin Outlet to Gucci Bags Lady buckle .
After the excess of the Tom Ford era at Gucci , Frida Giannini in brand history has largely been one of restraint. Especially when it comes to accessories, Giannini Gucci simmered success to its essence , using signatures like bamboo handles and hardware horsebit increasingly modern ways . Most of these bags appeared on Gucci Fall 2013 runway , and pieces are featured in a show usually are those that consider designer intentions clear harbinger collection . If this is the case , we are headed into even more refined time for the brand .
They 're here , they're here, they're finally here ! Gucci handbags spring 2013 , that is. I've been waiting for this collection to drop since it debuted on the runway last fall , and that day finally come . Lucky for me , the bags are so bright , fresh and modern as they felt way back in September .
Most Gucci bags under what is dubbed the Bright Bit collection , which includes ultra- streamlined clutches , shoulder bags and totes , you guessed it , bright colors . They 're all topped off louis vuitton bags with brand signature horse bit accent , which makes designs powerful combination of both modernism and traditionalism Gucci - taste. It's a tough line to walk, but these bags accomplish the feat quite well. Spring also includes colorful update with Gucci Stirrup line , which is a positive development . Take a look at our favorites from the spring below or shop new arrivals Gucci at Neiman Marcus .
I'm about to use a word to describe the handbags from Gucci Spring 2013 which I genuinely never associated with Gucci or her bags in the past : simple. Candy colored clutches and shoulder bags petite that Gucci sent down the runway in Milan on Friday , iconic horsebit hardware brand was back and almost everything else was gone . Shown in two versions , Gucci bags flap below were prepared for departure notable for marking out in large handbags Its aggressive sometimes .
Gucci creative head Frida Giannini always enjoyed turning our expectations of the brand on their heads , though, and that is exactly what she did in a full runway show and monotexture monochrome ensembles . The bags followed the lead of their own louis vuitton store clothes instead of making a statement , and it'll be interesting to see how this newfound restraint reverberates through the rest of the line following accessory Gucci Spring . Check out all the bags after the jump .
Gucci is one of the most recognizable brands in the world . The classic GG monogram is easy to spot whatever graces piece , but there is much more to the story than just the Gucci logo. In 1921 , Guccio Gucci began in Florence leather goods company and within a few years , savvy shoppers are turning to home to Gucci luxury goods them. The horsebit icon , which is just as recognizable as the GG monogram was an idea that stemmed from many aristocrats riding - horse Guccio learned in Italy . The brand continued to grow and expand the design house is huge and well respected today , but now Gucci wants to turn back to its roots and share more of the company history by reflecting on the Gucci icons .
While taking a stroll back through time to see the iconic items that make the brand what it is today , three iconic michael kors outlet handbags stand out : the stirrup , the New Bamboo , and Jackie . Additionally , we have a gallery of images throughout history Gucci from 1930 earlier today .
The design has not changed much since the beginning of this bag , and Gucci New Bamboo Top Handle Bag remains a classic. While other brands next attempt to bring bamboo into their lines , Gucci is the only designer to make it tastefully and without notice of kitsch . I immediately fell in on this cherry red crocodile version with light gold hardware . Not only is this delightful exotic bag , but it's also the perfect hue to work with fall trends .
Will the hobo be making a comeback for spring . If Gucci has anything to say about it , the answer is " yes . " Ladylike bags and small crossbody bags have been the currency of the accessories industry for several seasons , so that stable of Gucci Spring 2012 chain - strapped hobos was more than a little surprising to see .
In a move that was more in line with current trends , most of the Hobos were in christian louboutin shoes exotic of some sort , but they were all the same familiar triangular shape that all probably have somewhere in our closets a few years back . I would have liked to see more variety and more compact exotic clutches that graced the hands of a few model but as it is, the collection makes me wonder if we 're going to see a shift shape handbag market anytime soon .
If Gucci Fall 2011 is any indication of what we 'll see from the rest of Milan Fashion Week, then I think credit card my will be begging for mercy when fall pre-orders start. The ready-to -wear had an easy , colorful , jet set hippie feel to it with lavishly draped chiffon and vibrant furs , and the handbags were just as luxurious . Exotics outnumbered regular leathers and some models carried multiple bags , indicating Gucci emphasis on accessories for the coming season .
What was perhaps more interesting than the colors or materials were the shapes that they took . Gucci is the latest brand to embrace the so-called " lady scale " bag, and most of the runway options were sized gucci purses for essentials only. If you're a woman who needs to carry her whole life in her handbag , though, fret not; Gucci showed a large shoulder bags New Jackie very well.
Considering retro leaning accessories collection last season and the current trend climate , I expected another line of referential , staid handbags from the Italian brand during its recent presentation Milan , I was dead wrong. Not only were the clothes bright , bold , and more than a tad tropical , but the bags were sexy statement -makers in exotics , metallics and intricate woven leather . Of course , my favorites were all carry large satchels like the one in the left.
Allow me to make one of my personal biases clear : I look forward to seeing the bags on the Gucci runway more than almost any other bag included fashion week show . The sense brand notorious for modern glamor and sexuality often comes through best in their runway bags , and watching them is almost always a pleasure .
I was so excited by the offerings of this season as I was influenced by collection technology for last season , but gucci outlet online they were still as luxurious and as detailed as you can reasonably ask . Most of the collection , which was heavy on ostrich , was also sporting a slightly modified interlocking G logo 've never seen before - could be a vintage revival , as it is popular with the brand , or something completely new . I'm not sure what , but whatever it is , I think slightly curvier lines work well for the direction the brand is going.
I look through a lot of fashion shows and various accessories presentations . It's an occupational hazard , especially this time of year , and can be hypnotizing white shortly after . Click . Shift belted . Click . Trousers - waist high. Click . Oh , cropped jacket . Click .
If the show is not wow -worthy , it can be easy to flip through Style.com without really absorb what I look at, much like I did with my books in high school ( and , let's face it , college ) . But I looked handbags Gucci Spring 2010 twice , with rapt - not only is the best collection that louis vuitton store Frida Giannini clothing since the brand began its era , but it's also the strongest lineup of accessories that I seen from the brand in years.
Clothing collection i have a way to be minimal and ornate simultaneously , and that the only way to describe the bags as well. Even the lean , angular clutches are produced by a candy -colored crocodile skin makes me want to say " I 'll take one in every color , " hands on paper my credit and do not look at the total on the receipt .
And this is just the beginning . There are galore weave through exotics like crocodile and python and Gucci signature logo embossing , and some of the company's classic details , like bamboo handles and horse bit hardware . The collection was varied and nuanced , which contains a little bit of something for everyone , was perhaps the most wearable , beautiful bag collection I've seen grace the runway several seasons .
It's the last day of # 12DaysofHandbags , and we thought it was only fitting to end on a great note . That's why we decided to round things louis vuitton bags off with a fun party bags ! After all , we 've still got a lot of parties, dinners and New Year's Eve fetes to attend these coming days . Take a look at our top picks for party bags , and trust us , these bags are guaranteed to make you a lot of time .
Everyone has their strategies for surviving the gray days of winter with their glamor intact . Some people take the opportunity to stock up on cashmere , others embrace lipcolor in shades of crimson and wine to provide a little bit of drama . Our avenue personal favorite , though, is to add a dose of shine for our accessories . Right now , this means trying to choose between each metallic handbags , Gucci shoes and accessories .
For , one cohesive collection , Gucci manage to make silvers , golds and bronzes in surprisingly diverse range . The brand currently offers gleaming metallic python leather, dark to light ombre metallic , crackled metallics - color shifting textures and metallics to land just this side of a hologram . Not to mention , of course, straight- up glossy louis vuitton purses finishes that you'd hope for . The look is lush and luxurious , and all of these pieces will take you to spring and beyond with a bit of shine . Shop the full selection by Gucci or explore our favorite looks below.
When we think Gucci , think of fabulous Italian style , exotic handbags best of the best and leather goods with a rich historical context . All of this iconic Gucci continues tradition , which is why giving the gift of Gucci will let someone jumping for joy .
Gucci offers such a wide range of potential gifts that may seem difficult to find the perfect present , but that's why we 're here . For a brand synonymous with luxury real , you can not go wrong with something home offers . We found the best exotics , chicest jewels and shoes that would put zest in your step , but we call dibs on the plexiglass clutch glittered ! Each of these items can be used both right now and for years to come . Check out our picks below or Gucci gift shop full selection via Gucci brand .
Many brands Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags of high -end luxury neglect their websites when it comes time for selling season , preferring instead to offer the best discounts and wide range of marked -down product for customers in the store . Gucci is one of those brands , thankfully , and selling Gucci Fall 2013 is officially live for your viewing pleasure ! The online sale includes reduced prices on more than 1,300 items , including tons of big bags , so you'll want to check it out for yourself .
Each handbag has a story . If you look through your collection , you can probably recount how you came to love each bag , where you bought it , and probably even what was going on in your life at the time . That's why there are so many ardent vintage aficionados in fashion circles , not only to buy pre- owned pieces represent an opportunity to get great value for your money , giving you access to endless pieces of unique personal story from fellow fashion fiends . When you purchase one incredible designer bags at Bonhams ' next Handbags and Jewelry Auction , you may very well michael kors get a look in one of those story .
Bonhams pieces " include everything from exotic to vintage Hermes bags Louis Vuitton trunk from the 1920s , a Gucci bags in their original boxes . Lot come from private collections of women instead it is mentioned , as is often - case with auctions . Others , though, come with the name and story attached . for example , the auction includes many Judith Leiber crystal studded minaudi¨¨res in forms ranging from polar bears to asparagus , all of which come from property Dr. Nancy Williams Walls , revolutionary scientist and one of the first women faculty members at Georgia Tech , way back in 1950 .
If Leiber is not your cup of tea , maybe you'll find something in the 25 - piece Hermes and Louis Vuitton collection Basualdo Erna de Paz Ortiz , a member of a prominent Argentine family who entertained the Prince of Wales and other royals on their visits to Buenos Aires in the early 1900s .
Once someone has owned this bag is just a bag anymore - it becomes part of the story of the woman. Check out our michael kors handbags favorite pieces below or peruse the entire catalog , which also includes jewelry , via Bonhams . The handbag auction will be held on Nov. 18, as part of a 2 day Period Art & Design auction at Bonhams showroom in Los Angeles and is now online at Bonhams.com .
Last month , I gave you close to my bamboo Gucci Shopper and promised a full review to follow . Well , here it is . There are many reasons I want to review this bag , but one of the main ones is very simple : I'm obsessed with this Gucci stunner . When it comes to tote , I'm never sure if I will feel incredibly strong about it , but it turns out that this tote is one of my favorite bags in my entire collection .
One of the nice things about fashion is that if you do not like the season that you are experiencing in objective reality when you step outside , the industry is more than happy to let you live in the next season or last season , depending on how picky and / or rich you are. Christian Louboutin Prefer last season items or want to save some money . Something is always on sale . Want fast - forward and achieve recovery of litter next season . Resort 2014 handbag before orders are popping up as we speak .
These handbags from Gucci tote for minibag cranberry lime Reed Krakoff , are all nominally Cruise or Resort 2014 collections from the following brands " , which means that many of them projected ship dates or before January 2014. Some, like Fendi Peekaboo , are expected to arrive before the end of November , and the couple are projected out far in May . such pieces , if they are accurately labeled as Resort , will likely arrive much earlier . Whenever they show up , we are sure to be received warmly .
Let's be honest , fall weather make our hair look great and look dry skin . With cooler temperatures and dryer air , our faces need a little more TLC around this time of year , and that is why we never leave our home with beauty favorite . The problem , of course , is that beauty products loose in louis vuitton purses your handbag may prove to be a huge disaster (ask the Louis Vuitton we lost a tube of tinted moisturizer ) , and that is why we always stuff everything in our makeup bags .
Usually bag, just big enough to fit your essentials with the job , but when you 're needing to stuff makeup bag full of pot of Kiehl of Avocado Eye Cream , a bottle of face lotion hydrating and three sticks of Baby Lips , your bag will need to get a big bigger. We've rounded up seven of our products beauty favorite this season and 10 makeup bags to fit them all in. Now if only we could fit our esthetician in there as well .
Considering how luxury boutiques reputations for staff seem to purposely ignore customers who fit a very narrow profile , it is perhaps surprising that more people do not just pick up bags and trot right out the door with them . After all , if a salesperson is busy pretending you do not exist , it must be difficult for him or her to make sure you do not get a case of sticky louis vuitton outlet fingers . Apparently a woman in England was using that behavior to its advantage to the tune of 904 handbags for the price of free ninety .
The woman , Jayne Rand , got caught on a handbag 905 , according to BBC . There is no word on what was fateful bag , but during her long years Spree , Rand swiped bags from brands like Louis Vuitton , Dior , Gucci , Prada and Mulberry , most high -end stores . She traveled around the country ranging targets and help avoid detection on repeat visits , and her technique was simple : walk in without a bag , put one on her shoulder , walk around browsing it for a while and then leave with him .
The British court sentenced Rand for a year and a half in prison for her theft ring one woman, who seems a tad short compared to what she could get for a similar spree in America . What's more interesting, though, is not how many authentic designer bags are sold , it is likely that one of our readers or PurseForum members have bid on one of Louis Vuitton Sale its auctions or bought from her bag . So , does that name ring a bell , eBayers .
Rarely a week goes by without featuring actress Jessica Alba carrying something fabulous here on the blog , and after much discussion , we decided it was high time we took a second look at her bag collection . Jessica was one of the first celebs we profiled when we started doing " Many Bags " places , and in the 17 months since we last checked , Jessica has delivered over 50 bags lovely for us to drool over. Who, what , a new bag every 10 days or so . Pretty impressive, if you ask us . Not only that, but Jessica remains true to her own personal style - it carries lots of mini crossbody bags , which fit perfectly with her ??look California cool . Check out the full collection , part two , below.
If you followed along with Roundup Spring 2014 runway , you already know what I'll say . Pale bags , ranging from ivory blush , are more inclined to go for spring by far . After what feels cheap louis vuitton bags like seasonal season prints, neons , and exotics rococo decoration , simple swath of dove gray skin actually does feel pretty cool, if maybe a little tricky to keep clean under not ideal circumstances . ( Put away your denim , lest you turn the back side of your new bag completely blue . )
Because fashion is slowly kicking and screaming its way into the engine instant gratification - we all want to have the bags rode runway will not be available for months , but we 've found plenty of options to keep you current look ladylike through the winter months .
Speaking of which , the most traditional among you may feel like this is a trend of cold weather , but au contraire - shades like ivory and blush are all over outwear most covetable this season , and until tone color and the material they fall enough , you should feel free to wear colors like pink and white all year round. White linen.No . White skin . Pile on .
We shared a three part series on Gucci bamboo , including the history , the making of, and the authority of louis vuitton Gucci bamboo . It's easy to see why Gucci Bamboo accessories assured place in the world , as the quality and reign supreme craftsmanship and designs are impeccable .
I've been using my bamboo Gucci Shopper for a few weeks now and it is one of my favorite bags of my entire collection . The leather is super delicious , is smooshy but not too thin and after a little more than a month of use still smells new . I love the structure on the skin as well. Then there are the bamboo handles that give the outside of the bag that added element that sends the realm of design in simple perfection .
Inside is just a big space where you throw all your items , there are three separate compartments most practical and functional . In fact , it makes me wonder how I ever used a large tote without interior thought. Each section has a magnetic snap and separate pockets for smaller items . I love the bamboo handles but there is also a long shoulder strap and optional .
Tomorrow is National Day Handbag , and entire PurseBlog team is so thrilled michael kors outlet online to celebrate with you ! We've been sharing some amazing stories about handbags with you this week , including the story behind PurseBlog , my bags worldwide and fun place controls name calling best handbag in musical history .
Today I want to share five bags I love to perform tomorrow to celebrate my new favorite holiday , National Day Handbag . We'll have lots of fun stuff on the blog to celebrate tomorrow ( including a huge giveaway ! ) , Together we'll be sharing more of our bags on Instagram all day tomorrow , so follow along and remember to tag any photos you upload on Instagram with the tag # NationalHandbagDay for a chance to be featured on PurseBlog .
It's been quite the journey for me with PurseBlog , and over the past nine years , I've amassed quite the collection bag. I like to travel when I can and I always take a few bags with me on my travels . We thought it would be fun to round up some pictures of my bags and places I've taken on this journey we call life.
The name " Fashion Week " is michael kors outlet misleading. A quick seven days of fancy clothes and we are done and can move on , right . Please. Nope . Fashion already has a warped sense of time ( winter coats for sale in June , anyone . ) , And now we are done with our third week of Fashion Week, this one in Italy .
Milan Fashion Week has come and gone , but as with both New York and London before , the full story of the event is not just what happens inside the show . There is a whole world of fashion and going out , and that includes some people of different levels of fame handbags carrying. Naturally , where there are people carrying bags, we are there to document it. Take a look at the best moments from abroad handbag Spring 2014 show in Milan.
Usually , I can count on Italy to give me at least one collection of handbags every season that hits me right in the heart . The Italians know their skin , and Fashion Week which is stocked with well - known brands as their bags are for nothing . This time michael kors purses , though, Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 at times felt more like it was revisiting his greatest hits from charting new territory . I saw some new versions of existing bags that I loved , but I never got that new thing that flooded my brain with serotonin .
That does not mean there were some highlights accessories - in fact , they were plentiful. The new versions were excellent 2Jours Fendi and Prada face painted bags are sure to become collectors' items . Beyond that , there was a lovely exotics in light colors galore , from Ferragamo to Versace . Even if the season was not entirely satisfactory , there was a lot to love . Check our picks for the best of the season below.
Few brands reach the point of iconography , but Gucci did it beautifully and in more ways than one. This week , our focus Gucci bamboo surrounds the famous , including its rich history and manufacturing process unique. Just like me , I am sure that when you see a bamboo print or detail everywhere in fashion , your mind immediately return the brand that made a lasting michael kors outlet piece of fashion history . Gucci bamboo details added to its line long ago , and its recent revival is testament to the enduring appeal of the most iconic of Gucci details .
I've been so excited to share our coverage on the iconic Gucci bamboo from history, preconditioning, bags and accessories . We spent time in Italy become familiar with the product and we look forward to bringing you along the journey as we share with you as well.
How, you ask , have time to find new Fall 2013 things that we 're craving among the Spring 2014 Fashion Week fervor . Easy - we 're professionals . Professional wanters thing , if anything . ( Not a bad gig if you can get it . ) This week for Want It Wednesday , we managed to sit still long enough to find some stuff we want to put on credit cards Our rightthisveryminute , and we'd also like to welcome back someone who you guys may remember as Interior Katherine - she's , college graduate now a full human and full -time member of the team PurseBlog !
If you 've been following along louis vuitton outlet online with the collections at New York Fashion Week, you know that going forward things are looking a little more streamlined, modern little . I , for one, am breathing a sigh of relief - this stuff is much more my speed , compared with the bling- and - brights look that fashion was going for the last few seasons . To incorporate that kind of slick, well edited design in my wardrobe right this very minute , I'm lusting after Rachel Zoe Bar Bracelet aspects . The squared -off shape is just unexpected enough to draw some attention , but look down epitomizes prepared for a simplified version of a style that looks so appealing right now .
Second comes the chilly fall air , you can bet I 'll be snuggling in a lot of excessive sweaters . With summer coming to an end recently , many New York City residents put away all their colorful clothes and go straight to their winter attire black , but not me . As a Florida native girl , I like to wear color until it is deemed acceptable . Searching for appropriate colorful sweater for fall louis vuitton handbags can be a bit of a struggle , but thanks to this 3.1 Phillip Lim Zim - Trimmed Techno Neoprene sweatshirt , I've met my match . It's bold , bright and can easily pair with black or printed skinny pant .
There is something about a good wallet that really makes me a happier person . I mean, when you think about it , wallets can get more use than some of your handbags . That's why always keep my eye out for a new one . This week , I have my eye on the wallet Chloe Aurore . The rose calfskin leather is simply gorgeous. Like any well-crafted wallet when you open it, you will find zipper bag and plenty of storage . Plus , the signature padlock adds a unique touch .
While we may have a summer like weather here in NYC at the moment, gucci I am yearning for the day when I can wear all my fall clothing . That day may not be today , but I can dream , can not I. And while I'm at it, I 'll also be dreaming about this addition Gucci Wool & Silk Shawl Trimmed . Fall is by far my favorite season because most fall styles exemplify effortless elegance . If we accessorize correctly, skinny jeans , boots , and excessive top instantly look urbane . That's why I am going gaga for this shawl Gucci . I will admit , sometimes excessive pieces are hard to pull off , especially on petite frames ( I am only 4'11 " ) , but because this is a layering piece , anyone can do this look . Provided the weather cooperates and expand my purse strings , I will just keep dreaming.
If you live in Hong Kong , we have an impressive handbag collection and find yourself short on cash , you're in luck - you may be eligible for loans handbag ! According to the Wall Street Journal, one enterprising lender in Chinese hub burgeoning luxury retailer is helping wealthy women , mostly housewives , handbags turn their prized cash quickly , from a few hundred bucks for many thousands .
Yes Lady Finance Company is the first of its kind , Hong Kong or elsewhere . Riva Gold and Chester Yung of the WSJ talked to the lender and some of its clients , and here's how it works : a customer Christian Louboutin outlet online brings a handbag ( or many handbags - one customer in history brought about 50 bags Gucci ) in to the office , and a chain authenticator resale local luxury verify the origin of the basket and assess value . Overall, only bags from Chanel , Hermes , Louis Vuitton and Gucci to qualify for a loan Yes Lady , and once a value is assigned , the company cuts its customer a check for 80 % of that number - no verification of income or background checks are required . Yes Lady is somewhere between a pawn shop and a traditional lender .
Customers then have four months of 4 % to repay the loan and reclaim their designer handbags , and apparently the vast majority do . Just mention summary was given to those who try and get loans based on fake bags , and the lenders feel confident that they can weed out. It was not explained fully why a woman who 's described as " rich" and has a trove of designer bags you may need to turn one on a short term loan , except that sometimes all the family louis vuitton outlet online money is " tied up in stock , " that , to me , would be an interesting avenue to explore.
The sale season is starting to die down, and as the summer clothes leave the shelves , our favorite e -tailers are replenished first taste of fall goodies . I try to add at least one new bag for my collection every season that can be added to my repertoire accessories immediately , and now I've found five bags will transition from fall to winter in beautiful fall . From delicious creams , a spunky black , the perfect rouge , here are five bags to buy now and wear for autumn and winter .

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